Wounded Capitol cop urges judge to keep man in custody

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WASHINGTON β€” A police officer critically injured in the Jan. 6 riots in the United States Capitol on Friday urged a federal judge to deny the release of one of the men accused of assaulting her. .

“You knocked me down on purpose,” she said in a statement read in court by a federal prosecutor and addressed to the defendant, Pennsylvania’s Ryan Samsel.

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She said her injuries prevented her from returning to work. β€œYou stole moments from me that I can’t get back. You stole my fortune to be with my fellow officers,” as they paid tribute to Officer Brian Sicknick, who died the day after the Capitol siege.

β€œNow you’re asking to be released. When will we be released? When will we be freed from the memories and scars of that day?”

Prosecutors accuse Samsel of being one of the rioters who used a metal barricade to push the officer, whose name has not been released, causing her to fall backwards and hit her head on the marble steps behind her. She collapsed later in the day and was treated for a concussion.

A government lawyer told the judge during Friday’s hearing that the officer is not back at work full-time and passes out at random times.

Samsel has not yet made a plea in the case.

Also on Friday, the Justice Department said prosecutors now expect to charge at least 550 people for the Capitol riots, revising their previous estimate that 500 could be the limit.

β€œMore than 450 people have been charged. The investigation continues and the government expects at least a hundred additional individuals to be charged,” they said, seeking additional time before taking a separate case to court.

A total of 464 people have been charged in federal court in connection with the riots, with 26 charges in Washington, DC, Superior Court, for a total of 490, according to an NBC News count of lawsuits.

The FBI said on Friday that 465 people had been arrested. That number is lower because some of the accused have not yet been arrested. More than 130 of the accused have been charged with assault or meddling with police officers. Of these, 40 are accused of using dangerous weapons.

It is estimated that there were at least 800 rioters in the Capitol on the day of the disaster.

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