US Capitol Riot: FBI Arrests 5 Texas Family Members From

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Federal investigators pointed to extensive social media posts from many members of the family to make Tuesday’s arrests, in one of the largest one-day series of defendants in a Capitol riot to date.

The Justice Department said Thomas “Tom” Munn had encouraged people on social media to travel to DC in the weeks before the riots. In a December Facebook post, Tom Munn wrote, β€œOur president has only asked two things of us so far… #1 Vote #2 January 6, 2021.” In another post quoted in court documents, Tom Munn wrote, “The time has come!”

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The day before the riots, Tom Munn and what has been described as his “nuclear family” β€” including one who appears to be his partner Dawn, and their children Kristi, Josh and Kayli β€” drove from Borger, Texas, to Washington, according to the charging report. documents used in a new federal criminal case against the five family members.

In a Facebook post provided to the FBI by a tipster, Kristi Munn shared a photo of what appears to be some of her family members posing in camouflage clothing, captioning: “Washington DC here we come!!! #StopTheSteal #TrumpisMyPresident”

Another family member, Kelsi Munn β€” whom the FBI does not believe went to DC and was not charged with any crime β€” posted photos of her family on Facebook during the siege, calling it “feminine empowerment because the Munn women” stormed “OUR capital,” according to court records.

The Munns are among a handful of Capitol defendants who have been indicted along with immediate family members, although this appears to be the largest family indicted together to date. Dozens of other alleged rioters have been reported to authorities by relatives and other close connections who saw them on TV, took screenshots of social media posts or even spoke personally about the riots. More than 530 people have been charged by the Justice Department in connection with the Capitol attack, according to CNN reporting on arrests and federal charges.

According to their social media posts and videos highlighted by prosecutors, the Munn family entered the Capitol through a broken window on Jan. 6 and crossed the building together.

A sixth relative, who is a minor, also went to the Capitol with their family, investigators say, citing videos showing the Munns inside the building. The minor has not been charged and has not been identified by name or image in court records.

After the riots, all five family members discussed on social media their day showing their support for then-President Donald Trump.

Tom Munn wrote that “patriots began to sing ‘they steal our country’ and ‘go forward’ as they carried the wounded through us.” He went on to say that most of the Trump supporters in the crowd had left by 5 p.m., “when Antifa began marching through our midst toward the capital.”

Justice Department releases videos of 1/6th police dragging attack near pro-Trump rioter who died

Josh, Kayli and Dawn Munn all told others they knew they had entered the building, according to the court record documenting their social media posts. Kristi Munn sent video on Facebook, filmed from the Capitol, looking through a window to the police. She wrote in a message that she was using her child’s phone because hers was “out of space,” researchers say.

The FBI learned of the family’s participation in the riots through another family connection β€” a relative of Kristi Munn’s fiancΓ©, according to court records. Three of the Munn children’s former high school and college teachers helped identify them to the FBI. The Munns are each charged with four federal crimes, including disorderly conduct at the Capitol. No one has made a plea.

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