That dirt cheap car insurance quote can end up costing you a lot

Car key with insurance label on white

Almost all car owners have to fit car insurance into their budget – and it’s tighter than most prefer. So if you come across dirt-cheap auto insurance, you could be pinching yourself. But can getting “a great deal” really be risky?

“TV ads sell consumers a general cargo,” said Chris Boggs, vice president of education at the Academy of Insurance, an online training center. “They convince (people) that it’s all about the price.” But that dream deal can have unwanted financial consequences.

Beware of Fraud

For consumers looking for cheap auto insurance, one of the worst-case scenarios is encountering unscrupulous or fraudulent agents. Some so-called agents are just skilled scammers. They use real names of insurance companies, present realistic documents and even send insurance proof cards. It’s not until you try to make a claim that you realize you didn’t have an actual policy.

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