TD to hire 100 people for a new insurance center in Dieppe by January

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MONCTON – TD Bank will hire approximately 100 full-time employees by January 2021 as the insurance arm opens a new bilingual customer advisory center at its Dieppe facility.

“It’s a brand new center, unique to Moncton, and involves hundreds of jobs,” he said. “We currently have a hundred on the move and we have room for 135,” said Frank McKenna, vice chairman of TD Bank and former prime minister of New Brunswick.

Working remotely will allow the bank to hire “hundreds” more over time from outside Greater Moncton, including the French-speaking region of Northern New Brunswick, McKenna added.

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“It means we don’t just depend on the Greater Moncton region for bilingual workers,” he said. “We can use the entire province as a recruiting area and that increases the opportunity for job growth.”

McKenna says the jobs are not part of the 1,015 the bank said it will create in 2018 with the opening of its campus in CF Champlain.

The TD Finance Operations contact center and offices there employ approximately 1,000 people, who currently work remotely. The TD Insurance center “represents a brand new job investment in New Brunswick” that will fill the remainder of the vacant space in CF Champlain’s offices.

PODCAST: A conversation with Frank McKenna from his home office in Cap-Pelé

McKenna said TD has continued to increase its presence in the province from when he was prime minister in the 1990s until now. The bank’s first call center in New Brunswick opened in 1994 in Saint John with 50 employees, but now employs more than 700, he said.

“We have very high customer satisfaction, very high employee engagement and very low turnover. And for all these reasons, TD has found his experience in New Brunswick to be extremely positive,” he said.

“Large trees grow from small acorns. That’s why I’m so shocked by this announcement, it has an opportunity to hire people all over New Brunswick.”

The new center is currently licensed to support the Atlantic Canada market, but will soon be licensed to serve Quebec customers. After that, additional licenses will be rolled out.

Inda Intiar is a reporter for Huddle. Send her story suggestions: [email protected]

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