Shady practices of Bharti-AXA agents invalidated my insurance

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Other BHPians checked their policies and found they had been victims too…

BHPian dr.gk recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

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In short, if you purchased your car insurance from Bharti Axa through Online and call their agent, you may have been scammed.

How: Their modus operandi is to intentionally change the NCB (NO CLAIM BONUS) to give you the best deal. Once you have received the softcopy PDF by email, please notify the agent during the call. They smartly edit the PDF and resend it to you saying it’s been corrected. While it is not corrected in their system.

What happens if your NCB is changed and misplaced? (I’m sure many of them are aware of it, but for those who don’t): it just means your insurance is voided. This will only be done if an untoward incident occurs and you make a claim. Your claim is rejected. The insurance company will simply say “WRONG NCB DECLARED”. If it’s also a total loss, you won’t get a cent. All this because their agent is engaging the wrong NCB to get a client and to get their commission.

To all those who have had their insurance taken out online/telephone by an agent, please call the toll free number to make sure everything is correct.

The above is not just based on my experience alone. but my son too. This is when I confirmed that it is not a coincidence.

Now coming back to my own experience.

Like everyone else, while renewing my car insurance, I check a few insurance companies for the premium including Bharti AXA.

The agent calls within 2 minutes of entering my vehicle details and phone number. Just give them the vehicle registration number and they will extract your car data. They also know when the current policy expires.

He (Mr. Rajesh kumar): Transfer of ownership in the current policy sir?

ME: Not in the current policy but 3 years ago.

He: OK sir, what is the NCB in current policy?

Me: 20% NCB

He: Ok sir, this year you are eligible for 25% sir.i

Me: Okay that’s right.

Him: Premium is so-and-so. I will send you a payment link, pay immediately sir, while you are on the phone.

Me: Not possible now, call me later in the evening because I am not at my laptop. But send me the email.

Him: ok sir.

Later in the evening, his teammate calls and confirms the same details. He gives the payment link and asks me to pay within 15 minutes.

The payment link is funny, you can’t see the details of what the agent entered. It’s a direct payment link, you make the payment, that’s all. I made the payment 5 minutes later and also got the soft copy.

Here came the shock. The agent entered NCB as 50%. I immediately sent an email. No answer. The sales team has finished their work and is no longer concerned. Also send an e-mail directly to customer service and the complaints team. My policy had not yet commenced and my complaint was made before the policy commencement time stating that the agent made a mistake and the wrong NCB was posted, either rectify the mistake as soon as possible or cancel the policy and issue a full refund .

A screenshot of my insurance policy, see that the NCB has given 50%.

A screenshot of the complaint I filed immediately after purchasing the policy and before the commencement time.

From then on they sent me several emails with only one thing: “Please share your NCB certificate or NCB statement from your previous insurer”.

I asked if this is a joke? On what basis did they even put 50%? Did they have an NCB statement/certificate at the time?

They do not respond to this but repeatedly ask you to get NCB certificate/declaration.

Their agent made the mistake, I’m being put to work. Attached the screenshot, 3 mails and even the other 2 from Bharti axa had the same although the subject was mine to which they replied the same.

Their only answer they keep repeating.

Finally, I write to my previous insurer TATA AIG, and they give me the NCB statement, which I forwarded to Bharti Axa. Now Bharti Axa writes to me that she has to pay the difference amount from NCB and they will reissue the soft copy with the corrected one.

I mean, isn’t there any responsibility? No shame in punishing the customer for their mistake?

this is what BHPian mangalore_guy had to say about this:

It suddenly alerted me as I had just made my policy through Bharti Axa just a month ago. Shockingly, my agent, MR Amit, had also changed my NCB percentage. I had told him that the current policy has 25% NCB. He acknowledges it and says I qualify for 35%.

When the policy was issued, he simply changed it to 45% NCB.

As we were still in conversation I pointed out the wrong NCB for which he apologizes and says – “technical issue sir don’t worry, we will correct it and send the new copy as soon as possible”.

He edits the soft copy PDF himself and emails me another copy.

I replied to the same email asking if the correction had also been made to their system, to which he replied in the affirmative.

I was glad I had a deal. Don’t bother verifying it back to Bharti Axa until – Dr.GK ran into problems with his.

Without wasting time, I called Bharti Axa’s toll-free number. Asked to check my policy and the NCB percentage it shows. To my horror they say 45%.

I own a 2016 Elite i20 Asta (O) that comes with 6 airbags. This is the main reason why I spent nearly 13 grand to get zero dep insurance.

By changing my NCB and editing the PDF they are fooling customers both ways.

1. Making you believe that you got a good deal on your insurance package, without knowing that the insurance you have is simply not valid.

2. Earn both ways. On this side they get a premium amount and on that side they can simply reject any claim made by saying “Customer declared wrong ncb”.

Very unethical practice.

After reporting my above case with the Bharti Axa Level 1 and Level 2 Complaints Scheme, they couldn’t help but say “Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll be back with the solution”.

After 24 hours the only solution I was told is to pay the NCB difference amount!!!

Paying is amount is not a big problem. I still have nightmares thinking that – what if I hadn’t known this at all??

I’m just not sure how much they’ve duped so far and from when.

Checking out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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