Pontefract’s man ‘devastating’ cancer diagnosis more than five decades after working with asbestos


A Pontefract man diagnosed with terminal asbestos cancer tries to return to his local hospice.

David Hall, 76, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in September 2019, a cancer in the lining of the lungs that is often caused by exposure to asbestos decades earlier.

David worked as a carpenter for T Jenkinson and Doncaster Sons Ltd 1962-1966, handling asbestos sheets for fire doors. He then went on to work as an assistant foreman at Bovis Ltd, where he was regularly exposed to the dust from asbestos sheets used as ceiling tile panels.

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After the diagnosis, David enlisted the help of asbestos experts from Irwin Mitchell to investigate his illness.

A ruling in May gives David access to specialist treatments and therapies through an interim payment.

He is cared for at home by his wife Joy, a former owner of a care home, and has three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

David said, “Being diagnosed with mesothelioma was such a huge shock to both me and Joy, and to know that my condition is only going to get worse over time is devastating.”

“Fortunately the treatment I have received has had a positive effect on my symptoms, and during my stay at The Prince Of Wales Hospice the team has been so wonderful. I was scared at first but my initial fears disappeared once I got there and met they.

“The care that hospices provide to their patients is amazing and I wanted to do something to show how grateful Joy and I were for the help and support.”

After a recent stay at the Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract, he wanted to thank the staff. With the help of his legal team, David has donated hand cream to the hospice.

David Hall
David wants to make people aware of hospice care for mesothelioma patients

Nicola Handley, an asbestos-related disease attorney with Irwin Mitchell who represents David, said: “David’s diagnosis again reminds us of the terrible legacy asbestos has left, with many people becoming ill decades after initial exposure.

“As he increasingly comes to terms with what his illness means for his future, we are pleased to have received an interim payment to give him access to any specialist treatment he needs.

“David has recently had regular physical therapy sessions to ensure he can stay fit for treatment and, most importantly, has also gained access to prompt psychological support to help him cope with the anxiety and fear he suffers from as a result of life. with cancer.”

Nicola added that they were eager to help David with his donation to the hospice and the “vital” support they provide.

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David builds on this by raising awareness of the work that hospices do for cancer patients during National Week of Caregivers.

Diane Peters of The Prince of Wales Hospice said: “We would like to thank David for his very kind donation of hand cream, and Irwin Mitchell’s team for helping to make it possible.

“Our nurses are extremely grateful for thoughtful gestures like David’s and the gift certainly brought a smile to their faces. It has been a privilege to care for David in our Incare unit, and we are delighted that the support he received has given him has helped to return home with his family.”

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