NFL Draft Grades: KC Chiefs earn high grades from almost everyone


NFL Draft Grades: KC Chiefs earn high grades from almost everyone

Just in case you decide to go away for the weekend and come back to see how the KC Chiefs over the course of the 2021 NFL Draft, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see. That’s because, by almost all accounts, Brett Veach and the company had a very, very good weekend for the future of the franchise.

After spending countless hours scouting and profiling hundreds of pro hopefuls for the past year (or more), the 2021 NFL Draft finally arrived and brought it with it six new players who can call themselves Chiefs. The undesigned haul will take the total higher than that, but for our purposes of actual draft selections, the six names submitted by the Chiefs on draft cards have made the team better in the meantime as well as in the long run.

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Despite having no tips in the first, third, and seventh rounds, the Chiefs made six tips, including two each in the second and fifth rounds. By tackling major issues on both sides of the ball and further strengthening the lines, Veach garnered praise from almost every media outlet. For the sake of assessment, here’s an overview of the Chiefs’ choices:

  • Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri – 2nd Round
  • Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma – 2nd Round
  • Joshua Kaindoh, DE, Florida State – 4th Round
  • Noah Gray, TE, Duke – 5th Round
  • Cornell Powell, WR, Clemson – 5th Round
  • Trey Smith, OL, Tennessee – 6th Round

Over at The ring signalDanny Kelly thinks that with recording the first round and trading more for Orlando Brown Jr., the return for the Chiefs is “excellent,” but even then he writes, “but it’s a quality group even if we don’t.” Kelly praises most of the team’s selections, but is thrilled that Smith can be a bargain at the bottom of the sixth round. He gave the Chiefs an “A” rating overall.

The Chiefs achieved very high marks for the 2021 NFL Draft.

On the official NFL site, Chad Reuter enjoyed the Chiefs class every day and gave them an “A” or “A-” after each day. The latter was also the final mark for the total number of selections. He loved Bolton as a player, but felt the Chiefs could have used help elsewhere. However, he liked the second round choice, writing, “Humphrey was a bargain at 63 to hit the center of the line.”

Mel Kiper Jr. was a bit more muffled in praise of the team’s concept class, although he did give the Chiefs a solid “B” rating. He loved the attempts to restore the line of attack in general off-season and with this draft class, but lamented the Chiefs’ inability to grab better talent from both wideout and edge rusher.

At Pro Football Focus, they gave the Chiefs a nice “B +” grade and also really liked Smith’s selection in the sixth. While explaining his troubling medication, they also noted, “However, this is a home run from the perspective of the field.”

Ryan Dunelavy at the New York Post gave the Chiefs a “B” rating, but loved Humphrey in the second round and admitted that they had not included the Orlando Brown trade as part of their grading process.

Fans will love reading what Nate Davis had to say about the Chiefs’ conscripts at USA Today. Not only does he give the class an “A-” grade, but he mentions that both Bolton and Humphrey are “likely to be starters for a team with few vacancies by mid-2021 at the latest.” If so, that’s a strong early impact from a beginner class.

While instant numbers make little difference in the grand schedule, it’s nice to see the Chiefs getting such positive numbers for their efforts over the concept weekend. Now fans can only hope these predictive recordings are true.

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