Lyncrest Media Launches Mortgage Professional Marketing System That Guarantees 30 Qualified Appointments Per Month per


The new patented system is ideal for credit officers and mortgage brokers who are tired of cold calling

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2021 / Lyncrest Media CEO Alex Machuca is pleased to announce the launch of a new proprietary marketing system for loan officers and mortgage brokers that guarantees they will book more than 30 qualified appointments each month.

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As a Lyncrest Media spokesperson noted, Alex knows that mortgage brokers and loan officers typically use the same leads as everyone else in their business. These hardworking professionals often spend hours a day making cold calls to complete strangers and asking them to make a life-changing financial decision.

When this approach doesn’t work, mortgage brokers and loan advisers will often turn to family and friends asking if they know anyone interested in buying a home.

This knowledge, combined with a desire to help mortgage brokers and loan advisers succeed in their jobs, inspired Alex to create and launch a new marketing system that will result in mortgage professionals getting at least 30 qualified and booked appointments each month.

In addition, the new marketing system includes 20 follow-ups for each lead over the course of 90 days.

“Every verified lead is completely exclusive. Facebook collects data from its users on a daily basis; we use that data to find high-intent potential customers in your area who are actively seeking a mortgage broker,” noted the spokesperson, adding that thanks to the new system, credit intermediaries and mortgage brokers can concentrate on their work again and not try to fill their agenda with appointments.

Lyncrest Media’s new marketing system also helps solve the problems that arise when mortgage brokers and loan advisers buy shared leads, as well as spending valuable time following up with potential leads who eventually change their minds and eventually ghost them. It will also eliminate situations where mortgage brokers and loan officers get leads who turn out to have bad credit and don’t even qualify for their programs.

“Each lead is pre-qualified through our survey and we determine whether that lead has a broker or not,” the spokesperson noted, adding that brokers can use these leads to build real estate relationships.

“Other things we identify are their credit score, annual income, loan amount and time frame. This gives mortgage brokers and loan officers all the information they need to be successful.”

About Lyncrest Media:

Lyncrest Media is a mortgage marketing company that guarantees over 30 qualified appointments every month. They help mortgage professionals double their volume per month without cold calls or referrals, all through their new proprietary marketing system. To learn more about the groundbreaking program, please visit:

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