Hunter Biden uses n-word multiple times in casual conversations…


Hunter Biden uses n-word multiple times in casual conversations...

Hunter Biden’s text message revealed that he used n words several times in a conversation with a white lawyer who earns an hourly wage of $845.

The shocking text is for his father, President Joe Biden, who gave a speech last week condemning racism for the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre and has sought to portray racial justice as a top priority for his administration. It can be embarrassing.

In a text addressed to corporate lawyer George Messiah in January 2019, the president’s son joked about a “big penis” and told the attorney, “I love you because you’re black.” That n*** a “.

A month ago, in another document, he wrote to a Chicago attorney: Because you shouldn’t charge me a Hennessy fee. “

Mesiles replied:

The fighter added: “This is what I say …” I interrupted the racist slander and sent a text message to the Messiah.

A text recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop reveals that the president’s son (pictured last month) used n words multiple times in an informal conversation with white lawyer George Messiah. Is

In a December 2018 text exchange obtained by the show, the fighter asked Messiah: don’t charge me a Hennessy fee (sic) n***

In another conversation the following month, the fighter again spoke frivolously to the Messiah, “n***a,” joking in a seemingly gloomy conversation: “I just love you, so you’re black.” It was.

The photos were not downloaded to the hunter’s laptop and the restored the text exchange.

But Mesiles replied, “Why are you so tanned?”

“I’m sorry I had sex for another friend, Georgia,” Hunter replied.

In the January text exchange, two men talked about philosophy and jokes.

Mesiles: “I have an unconditional ideal of love for me. I don’t have much. You. God,’

Hunter: “Oh, were you just a fictional character born from the imagination of a group?

Mesires: “My parents’ love was conditioned.”

Hunter: “My penis is unconditional these days.”

Mesiles: “That’s why we’re looking for it.”

Hunter: “For my penis”

Mesires: “And we are always looking.”

Hunter: “Big penis, George. They always find it. And I love you because you’re black.”

Mesires: “It is very annoying to talk about frivolity.”

Hunter: True, but I’m done with my diatribe.

The photos on the fighter’s laptop contained a meme of his father and President Obama, as well as an N-word.

The meme, dated June 5, 2017, mentioned that Obama and Biden left the White House in 2016. The fighter was photographed in 2010 with his father and President Obama.

In October 2018, Mesile’s hunter-business partner Marvin Yang sent an invoice involved in an infamous deal with Chinese oil giant CEFC, and the lawyer’s hourly wage was $845.

Bills, including Hunter’s joint venture with Chinese, “Telephone Conference with H. Biden on Hudson West,” totaled $88,465 for 107 hours of work from August 2017 to April 2018.

Some of the photos stored on the fighter’s laptop contained n-word memes.

The fighter repeatedly described racial slurs during a conversation with Chicago corporate attorney George Messiah.

The June 5, 2017 meme featured a photo of Joe Biden embracing Barack Obama and a caption explaining a joke conversation between the former and vice presidents.

Obama: I’m Lonely Man

Joe: May I say that? only this time?

Obama: *sigh* please

Joe: Barack Obama

It’s unclear why the fighter saved the meme to his computer.

Neither he nor Mesires responded to the’s request for comment.

The president’s son and the White House repeatedly failed to respond to requests from the for the materials on his laptop.

His 51-year-old computer had a week-long internet history as of March 2019, but he left it at a store in Delaware.

Hunter’s father attempted to make racing a central theme of both the presidential campaign and his administration in a 2020 national protest against racism and police brutality.

The message came a few days after Joe Biden delivered a speech condemning racism to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre in Oklahoma.

Joe Biden said he had come “to fill the silence” in a speech last week after the Tulsa massacre, in which a white mob killed an estimated 300 blacks in Oklahoma.

“Some injustices are so cruel, horrific, so miserable that no matter how hard people try, they cannot be buried,” he said. “Only the truth can bring healing.”

Biden has vowed to fight racism in the police force after George Floyd’s death and supports studies seeking compensation for slavery and other injustices against African Americans.

The president elected the first black vice president in the United States, and he himself was the vice president to the first black president.

In an interview with NBC Today Show in April, the president said he did not believe the country was racist.

The verdict could be embarrassing for the president, who has tried to portray racial justice as the government’s top priority.

“I don’t think America is a racist,” he said. But I think there was a price to be paid for the Jim Crow law and past slavery.

“400 years later, African Americans are way behind eight-ball in education, health and opportunity.

“We have to deal with it.”

Mr Biden has previously been the subject of slander for claiming he used the n-word as an epithet of race.

Using a video from the 1985 Senate hearing, Smia told Biden, “I already have one mayor. I don’t need to shoot big shots anymore!”

The senator spoke that word at the time, but in reality he was quoting a Louisiana state member and asking William Bradford Reynolds, who had been appointed deputy attorney general at the time, why he was a member of the Diet. Asked if he allowed the gerrymandering to underestimate the black population and ignore racist comments.

However, since the hearing in 1985, attitudes towards uttering n words, even quotes, have changed.

In October 2020, a freshman at Rutgers Law School in Newark used the term in a classroom quote from a 1993 legal opinion to inform other students ahead of time that the quote contained a curse. I have warned you.

The student said, “He’s using racial language, uh, but it’s a quote. He said, ‘I went to Trenton and came back with n *****. I will. “

A line of competition erupted last month when her fellow students sent a petition to her and her professor to apologize.

The New York Times reported that university officials had discussed a ban on the use of the term in the classroom at a series of meetings.

Hunter Biden uses n-word multiple times in casual conversations and text messages

source link Hunter Biden uses n-word multiple times in casual conversations and text messages

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