hawks vs. Bucks Score: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee…

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hawks vs.  Bucks Score: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee...

Pat didn’t miss:

9 PTS | 3/3 3PT pic.twitter.com/Kyg1TcdM4c

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Khris did a little bit of everything:

15 PTS | 8 AST | 7 REB | 1 STL pic.twitter.com/4szZ8stN5n

Jrue showed:

22 PTS | 7 AST | 9/14 FG | 3/4 3PT pic.twitter.com/9E1kFGwc3v

The Greek Freak was in attack mode:

25 PTS | 9 REB | 6 AST | 2 STL | 11/18 FG pic.twitter.com/QWeGjtm9Gv

The best plays from Game 2 tonight WIN!! pic.twitter.com/XDZ47Cbs3q

7 to go. pic.twitter.com/Xf66qnQ7Wq

The series will return to our home on Sunday & Tuesday. Join @StateFarmArena

: https://t.co/wEWyX0WMFT pic.twitter.com/RL3x0FMvse

“We came focused on every possession at once.” pic.twitter.com/ex27fwjZAi

In just 29 minutes.@MotorolaUS | #FearTheDeer pic.twitter.com/SxGV9DWwXp

Game 2 MegaBucks Leaders!!

Back home on Sunday.#BelieveAtlanta pic.twitter.com/GfQq7IwGeo

Wire-to-wire WIN!! pic.twitter.com/9PNRiStKxa

And it will. Bucks 125. Hawks 91. The run is 1-1. Game 3 in Atlanta is on Sunday.

WIN BOOKS!! pic.twitter.com/hXcCaArRMm

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s Thanasis!! pic.twitter.com/TFagVElsB4

It doesn’t look like the Bucks will end up with the 39-point margin that Brooklyn gave them in Game 2 of the second round, but the Bucks are certainly happy with an outburst like this regardless of the final margin.

Giannis’ response

“OH MY GOD” https://t.co/NXut1wAnAc pic.twitter.com/c7mW8GIppi

THANASIS PERFORMED!! pic.twitter.com/Tp92wz1o3e

The last question of the evening: Milwaukee lost Game 2 vs. Brooklyn with 39. Can they turn it around and win Game 2 against Atlanta with more than that? They are now exactly at 39.

First Playoffs career triple for @_mdiakite!! pic.twitter.com/kLwSPAKZvO

Yeah, that’s a hard fall for Knight.

A sad development of this game for the Hawks: Bogdan Bogdanovic again tried only six shots. He is clearly wrong.


Drop the Bobby chants below for @BPortisTimepic.twitter.com/SSLAAFEhpS

This is what Thanasis Antetokounmpo does best: he engages the fans. This crowd absolutely loves him, and while he probably shouldn’t be playing competitive minutes this late in the playoffs, that certainly has value.

Give Mike Budenholzer credit, he really embraces the intensity of the playoffs. He just challenged a moving screen to 40 in the second half.

This is not a typo. pic.twitter.com/7DK1gi6UyW

Playoff Pat

He is 3/3 of deep. pic.twitter.com/cAY7ZvHE8l

Trae Young leads the Hawks with six field goals in Game 2. Four Milwaukee starters have that much or more.

The Bucks have 100 points. The Hawks may not arrive until Sunday.

.@Packers legend @Donald_Driver80 is in the house!! pic.twitter.com/58iKERgjO2

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