Google Measure ARCore app silently shut down


Augmented reality is a place where Google has made some progress over the years, but not every app or use case has materialized. It was announced this week that one of Google’s earlier applications of AR, an app called ‘Measure’, will be discontinued.

In 2018, when Google killed Tango and went all in for ARCore, the company brought the smart idea of ​​Measure to any Android phone with the technology to back it up. The concept is simple. Using augmented reality, a user can get a rough measurement of an object using only their phone’s camera/software. It was pretty neat, but, at least in my own personal experience, somewhat inconsistent.

despite about 850 million ARCore devices in the wild, however, Measure is sunset.

The change was actually made tacitly and went unnoticed until android police saw the change by chance. Google apparently mentioned in a recent changelog for the app that the latest release was indeed the “final release” of Measure.

Final version. No more updates will be published.

This app is no longer supported and will not be updated. Users who have previously installed this app can continue to use it on compatible devices.

There is both good news and bad news here. If you’ve used Measure in the past, the app will continue to work if installed on your device. It should are available through the Play Store, but your results may vary. However, new users cannot download the app through official means. Google has also finished developing the app, meaning updates will be made unless drastic things happen.

Measure’s last major update was released in 2019.

About the closure, a Google spokesperson said:

We can no longer support ongoing maintenance for the Measure app. Instead, we recommend trying one of the many alternatives available on the Play Store.

Notably, a Google experiment essentially copied this experience on the web.

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