Fenris Announces New Small Business Insurance Filling API

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RICHMOND, VA., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fenris Digital, a data and analytics company focused on streamlining and modernizing the insurance product quote process for insurance agents, brokers and carriers, today announced the launch of its latest data service, Small Business Insurance Prefill API. This is their tenth data and insight product launched in the past year and a half, fueling their 400% growth in 2020. The latest service makes it easier for small business owners and agents to get a quote — directly from digital-first carriers or through insurance aggregators — by providing up to 40 of the data points required for most commercial insurance application questionnaires, including NAICS code.

“With the recent explosion of microenterprises and the gig economy, it is critical to remove barriers to entry for owners who need commercial or professional coverage for their small businesses,” said Jennifer Linton, CEO, Fenris. “Incomplete applications slow down the quote and underwriting processes. Fenris has shown that the small business API increases completion rates and reduces manual entry. In addition, Fenris’s multi-validated, multi-sourced data can reduce adoption research time and help companies to better estimate risks.”

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The newly launched small business API provides more data points from more sources than previous Fenris small business services and is integrated into the company’s AI-powered data platform. It leverages Fenris’s proprietary data repository, which includes more than 35 million small businesses, all properties in the US, and more than 255 million adults. Fenris customers can also get API-supplied business owner data, which is often required by insurers to evaluate micro-business risks.

The Fenris data platform, machine learning algorithms and comprehensive data sourcing enable companies to take advantage of big data and analytics capabilities without investing in internal resources, notes Linton. “Our services help level the playing field for medium-sized insurers, brokers and agents, while modernizing the way these companies do business. stimulate the economy.”

About Fenris

As the industry leader in data sourcing technology, Fenris leverages alternative data and machine learning to enable instant insight and enrichment for every applicant and policyholder. Fenris’ suite of API-delivered solutions for auto, home, life and commercial insurance for small businesses focuses on candidate scoring on willingness to buy and lifetime value, data enrichment and pre-fill for frictionless quote workflows, and LEMA (Life Event Monitoring and Alerts) to identify key retention and upsell moments for each policyholder.

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Lorena Hathaway
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