Elon Musk asks Twitter for ‘SNL’ skit ideas amid backlash


Elon Musk asks Twitter for 'SNL' skit ideas amid backlash

Through Lauren Cox

May 2, 2021 | 10:01 am

Elon Musk seems more concerned about pitching “SNL” skits than facing backlash.

The controversial Tesla CEO asked fans to share their sketch ideas as he prepares to host “SNL” on May 8 – after some of the show’s stars outrage that he stole the performance.

‘I threw in some sketch ideas for SNL. What should I do? ”The 49-year-old asked his 52.5 million Twitter followers over the weekend.

Musk followed the tweet with three of his own pitch: “Woke James Bond,” “Baby Shark & ​​Shark Tank Merger into Baby Shark Tank,” and “Irony Man – beats villains with the power of irony.”

Some commentators suggested ideas including: “Aliens found your Tesla Roadster was sent to space in 2018 and are trying to figure out what it is”, “You play Chris Hansen on” To get a PP loan ” with Ross Gerber “and” Something about how it’s all a simulation, “while many of the responses to Musk’s tweets were real zingers.

“You meet SNL writers with the same motivational techniques you use with $ TSLA engineers. Elon: I must have done this by tomorrow or you will be fired. SNL Writer: In your dreams a hole, ”replied one user.

Another followed with: “* a writer proposes an idea * Elon pauses” You can go, thank you. ” Who else has an idea? We optimize for laughter. The audience’s typical laughter goals are stagnant at 68%. A good idea is one that gets us to 70-72%. “

Musk’s comments during the COVID-19 pandemic were polarizing, such as when he called the pandemic ‘stupid’ in March 2020. Also two Tesla factory employees claimed last year that they were fired after staying home because of the virus, although Musk said attendance was not mandatory.

Recent weeks he said that a “bunch of people are likely to die” during its planned Mars mission.

After “SNL” stars, including Bowen Yang, were upset about Musk’s performance, a source told Page Six that show boss Lorne Michaels would never force a cast member to work with Musk if they don’t want to.

“Historically, if a cast member has been that unhappy, they don’t have to do it,” explained the source, adding Michaels, “will never let them do anything they don’t want to do.”

So far, no cast members have pulled out of working on the upcoming show with Musk.

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