Deshaun Watson trade rumours: Kareem Jackson says Texans QB…


Deshaun Watson trading rumours: Kareem Jackson says Texans QB...

Since the Broncos are still associated with the best quarterbacks in the trading market, they have reportedly expressed an interest in coming to Denver.

Broncos safety Kareem Jackson told former Denver cornerback Aqib Talib on Talib’s podcast, “Catchin’ Fades,” that Watson told him Denver is “where I want to be.”

“He likes, ‘I want to be in Denver,'” Jackson said on the podcast.

Deshaun Watson Says He Wants To Be A Denver Bronco, According To Kareem Jackson@ReemBoi25 joined @AqibTalib21 on today’s episode of Catchin’ Fades featuring the latest

— The volume (@TheVolumeSports) June 9, 2021

Watson has been the subject of trade rumors all through the off-season, even though he has been accused of inappropriate contact and assault in more than 20 civil lawsuits filed this year.

Watson has denied the charges, while his attorney, Rusty Hardin, has worked to discredit the charges against the quarterback. Prior to the allegations, Texans were reportedly approached by eight different teams ask about him.

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NFL Network reporter Ian Rapaport said on Twitter that while Denver is a possible place, he didn’t believe Watson wanted to be there. He did note that Watson has been recruited by former teammates and other NFL players.

#Texans QB Deshaun Watson has been recruited by former teammates and countless players in the NFL, and he remains open to several options, including the #broncos. But I don’t believe Denver is “where it wants to be”. Only one possible place.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) June 9, 2021

During Jackson’s interview with Talib, he said that while he was going through his own free agent process, he was asked by Watson where he would sign. When he finally made the decision to resign from Denver, Jackson said Watson told him to tell the team he wanted to join the Broncos.

Talib kicked off the segment by saying he thought Denver would have Watson as quarterback, saying he sees “the setup. The line straight.”

Denver had been linked with Watson before the allegations surfaced this off-season and before signing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Last season, Drew Lock started most games for the Broncos at bottom center as the overall group was arguably the worst in the NFL, last in team QBR (72.5), 26th in passing yards (3,451), 25th in passing touchdowns (21) and finished with the most interceptions at 23.

The Broncos have stayed in the talk as a possible destination for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers if shared from Green Bay.

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