Clippers vs. Jazz score, takeaways: Donovan Mitchell leads Utah to…


Clippers vs.  Jazz score, takeaways: Donovan Mitchell leads Utah to...

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The energy in the building tonite was electric!!! #Take note

| 45 for Don. Rudy picks up the buzzer. An automatic classic.#podiumpostgame | @podiumhq

Match 2 on Thursday.

60 scholarships#Take note


Rudy Gobert. Link.

Buy your tickets for Game 2:

Game 1 won.#Take note


Paul George! It’s a three point game!

Mitchell throws it away and the Clippers have a six shot here with about 50 seconds left. Time-out.

Mitchell again! It’s 112-104.

Paul George hears the “overrated” chants of these Jazz fans, and after the match he’s had, it’s not unexpected.

Don’s 4th game with over 40 points from his post-season career. In 27 games.

(h/t @statmuse)

That offensive rebound from Rudy Gobert is absolutely killer. The Clippers need to make threes if they want to close this gap, but the offense won’t matter if Donovan Mitchell keeps penetrating through the defense like this.

The Jazz pick and roll with Luke Kennard in every possession, but the Clippers struggle so much to score that they almost have to leave him out.


That Kawhi bucket sure looked like a trip, and when you factor in the ball Royce O’Neale didn’t touch, the Clippers got five points out of some very questionable calls.

Kawhi on the third try! Wow!

Mitchell replies with a jumper of his own.

Oh my God what a happy rescue by Paul George! Royce O’Neale didn’t think he hit it in the air, but the umpires call it Clipper ball, and it turns into a 3.

things you like to see: it

Bogdanovic for 3. Jazz by 10. This one gets out of hand.

The Clippers just can’t buy a bucket right now.

More. Free. Throws. In front of. Utah.

Kawhi gets three the hard way.

Kawhi finally gets going, but it doesn’t matter if the Jazz continues to generate clean looks on the rim and free throws.

More free throws for the Jazz. That is why it is extremely important to get into the bonus so early.

You really don’t see this often: both the Clippers and the Jazz are already in the bonus. There are eight minutes left in this game.

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