Clippers vs. Jazz score: Live NBA playoff updates as Kawhi Leonard…


Clippers vs.  Jazz score: Live NBA playoff updates as Kawhi Leonard...

Turns around and knocks it down.

Kawhi answers with its own 3. What. A game.

Mitchell again! He can’t miss! The lead has been reduced to two!

That’s another offensive foul on Rudy Gobert. The Jazz have already used their challenge, so there’s nothing they can do about it.

Kawhi gives Rudy Gobert a nudge on that ride. Smart. He bets the refs won’t call that off on an attacking player.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are now 4-for-17 from the combined field. If they can get a bit of momentum going, it would mean so much to the Clippers as they try to regain control of this thing.

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We thought Rudy Gobert would be the Jazz player to kill the Clippers on the offensive glass because of their small lineups. Instead, it has been Royce O’Neale.

Interesting note: The Jazz opened both halves with 10-2 runs.

This is the result of playing small for the Clippers. They leave the rim completely unprotected against guys like Donovan Mitchell. Luka Doncic presented the same problems.

ok, spida, ok

That’s 10 straight points for Mitchell! The Jazz have narrowed the lead to five!

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Donovan Mitchell is getting hot. He has the first five points of the second half after scoring 13 in the first.

| Flicks in the first half

+13 on the turn.

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Absolutely huge 3 for Nic Batum there to push the lead to 13. The Clippers had lost their momentum, but Batum finds it for them. It’s 60-47 past half here in Salt Lake.

Nic Batum traveled. The Clippers have lost their offensive rhythm.

And that’s three offenses against Kawhi Leonard! Huge development for Utah here. If they can get him his fourth quickly, they might steal some extra minutes with him on the bench in the second half.

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The Jazz just keeps hanging around. Give them credit: Nothing really works for them, but they outsmart the Clippers.

This is something the Clippers perfected in the Dallas series against Boban Marjanovic: denying the entry pass. Kawhi Leonard stole it from just under Rudy Gobert.

Unsurprisingly, the refs just got Rudy Gobert in the key for three. He has camped on the track for most of this quarter.

Kawhi Leonard is finally getting some momentum going. That the Lakers have largely built this lead without him is testament to the depth that they struggled against Dallas but has been there all season.

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️️@Reggie_Jackson scrape the ceiling with this.


Wow! Huge momentum swing for Utah. They steal a lazy incoming pass and make it a 3, and the Clippers call timeout nine.

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