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FOSTER CITY, California., June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Finding the right auto insurance and knowing how much to buy can be a confusing process for many motorists. To simplify this process,, a one-stop destination for unbiased, expert auto insurance advice, shares an auto insurance estimator tool that gives drivers base costs calculated based on their specific profile.

The auto insurance estimator is available here: Auto Insurance Estimator – How To Estimate Auto Insurance In 2021?.

“We designed our auto insurance estimator to make it easy to research potential policy rates,” explains CarInsurance editorial director. Michelle Megan. “In five easy steps, drivers can get estimated auto insurance rates for three levels of coverage, based on their personal profile. Consumers can compare rates as often as they want without sharing their contact information.”

Factors Affecting Insurance Rates

CarInsurance outlines common factors that can affect the amount drivers pay for insurance.

Type of car. Insurance companies charge based on the type of car drivers have and the average rates per vehicle in 2021 were:

  • vans; $1,443
  • trucks; $1,684
  • SUVs; $1,729
  • Tesla Model 3; $2,917
  • Teslas (all models): $2,838
  • cars; $2,164
  • convertibles; $2,427

Experience. Many parents are adding teen drivers to their policies, and data from CarInsurance shows that this can lead to significant rate increases. Gender at this young age can also affect rates. Adding a 16-year-old girl to a policy can increase car insurance by 125% ($1,872) on average per year, while adding a 16-year-old boy can increase rates by 160% ($2,292).

Marital status. married couples can save 8% to 15% on their auto insurance policies and get discounts when they combine their policies.

Driving record. Both major and minor violations can affect insurance costs. Drivers with minor violations, such as speeding, can see fare increases from 20% to 43%, and those with major violations, such as DUIs, can see a fare increase of at least 80%.

Mileage. Because driving less means people have a lower risk of being involved in an accident, mileage plays a role in insurance company levels. CarInsurance finds that commuters who drive less than 24 kilometers one way can save an average of 8%.

The CarInsurance Estimator is easy to use, accurate and fast and is part of a series of valuable calculators that can help drivers navigate auto insurance, including getting the right amount of coverage, understanding average used auto insurance rates, and assessing premiums by zip code.

Megna is available to answer questions about the estimator and explain how consumers can take advantage of a combination of tools to save on auto insurance rates.

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