Cardi B and Normani Go Nude for ‘Wild Side’ Video with an Aaliyah…

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Through Brooke Kato

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July 15, 2021 | 12:44 pm | Updated July 16, 2021 | 7:28 am

It’s the world of Cardi B and we all live in it.

The rapper can’t get enough of the spotlight lately, surprising fans at every turn and tweet – especially this week, when Normani announced their latest collaboration and song titled “Wild Side”.

The two artists showed it all – together – for the album cover and the new video, posing completely naked with only their hair keeping their decency.

Of course, Cardi is no stranger to a bit of nudity.

Earlier this month she posed with her bare baby belly to announce her second child with husband and Migos rapper Offset.

But the promotional cover of the song shows Cardi, 28, without her baby bump.

“Wild Side”, officially released on Friday, is the first song in two years from Normani, 25. The track contains a sample of the late R&B queen Aaliyah’s “One in a Million”, which has already been released. make fans wild on Twitter.

the song. the images. the aaliyah monster. the looks. the choreography. everything was great! normani ATE! my girl is worth the hype and it was well worth the wait! i am so proud of her! she’s here to stay and take over!

“The world is not ready for Normani’s dominance”, tweeted Cardi B, earlier this week, pre-teases the anticipated single as the duo is trending worldwide.

The world is ready for Normani supremacy!!!!

The rapper hyped Normani on Twitter after the announcement, telling the former Fifth Harmony singer that she must be “proud” from himself. Cardi also shared side-by-side childhood photos of each other.


This is not the duo’s first collaboration. Cardi B played the singer in her controversial, explicit “WAPmusic video last year.

Cardi has stayed in the spotlight this year with the announcement of her pregnancy — revealed with an artistic photoshoot – and a brief feud with political personality Candace Owens on social media.

Since Normani’s song ‘Motivation’ from 2019 and leaving Fifth Harmony, the singer has been musically silent. That is, until a few days ago she teased fans about the potential of new music by wiping her out altogether. Instagram account, a sign that she was up to something.

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