Cancer cases in NO to rise 13.5% by 2025: NCDIR-ICMR study | India News


GUWAHATI: Cancer cases in the northeast expected to rise by a whopping 13.5% by 2025, a National Center for Disease Informatics and Research (NCDIR) survey under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) revealed Thursday.
The projected number of cancer cases for the year 2025 is estimated at 57,131 (30,985 in men and 26,146 in women). The situation is even more alarming in Assam, where another ICMR estimate shows that one in four men and one in six women in the state are at risk of developing cancer, the highest in India, Dr. B Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) director, Dr. Amal Chandra Kataki, said during one World Cancer Day event here on Thursday.
Esophageal cancer in men (4351) and breast cancer among women (4,126) are estimated to be the highest in 2025, ”said the report, North East Report – 2021, published by ICMR-NCDIR, Bengaluru. The estimated cancer rate in the Northeast for 2020 was 50,317 (27,503 in men and 22,814 in women). A comparative study has suggested that at 5,785, esophageal cancer cases were highest in the region in 2020 and will remain highest in 2025.
Breast and lung cancer are the next most common cancers found in the Northeast. The estimated numbers of breast and lung cancer in the Northeast in 2020 were 3,674 and 3,413, respectively. In 2025, esophageal cancer rates are predicted to be highest at 6,544 in the Northeast, followed by 4,194 breast cancer and 3,871 lung cancer.
Kataki said, “World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide with the aim of educating and encouraging people about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. The main obstacle in the fight against cancer is the lack of awareness, prevailing taboos and misunderstandings about cancer. He added that tobacco use is one of the major risk factors for cancer. “A survey found that 66% of teens feel they have started smoking at the sight of their peers. why public figures should speak out against the threat of tobacco, ”said Kataki.
The ICMR-NCDIR report revealed that the age-adjusted incidence rate (AAR) – used to compare cancer incidents in different populations – is highest for all cancer sites among men in the Aizawl district (269.4 per 100,000 population) and among women in the Papumpare district of Arunachal Pradesh (219.8 per 100,000 inhabitants).
Papumpare also records the highest AAR rates for stomach cancer (men), liver (both sexes), cervix, cervix, ovary, and thyroid. The AAR for gastric (men), colon, colorectal and lung cancers in both sexes has a maximum value in Aizawl district. In women, the AAR is most common for non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer Imphal West district and brain cancer Sikkim.
East Khasi hills district Meghalaya reports the highest AAR for cancers of the tongue (men), mouth (women), oropharynx (men), hypopharynx (men), esophagus (men and women), and larynx (men and women). In the city of Kamrup, the highest AAR has been observed for cancers of the oropharynx (females), hypopharynx (females) and gallbladder (both sexes). The AAR for nasopharyngeal cancer is seen as the most common in both sexes in Nagaland, “it added.
In the Northeast, the proportion of esophageal cancer (13.6%) is highest among men, followed by lung cancer (10.9%) and stomach cancer (8.7%). In women, the primary site of cancer is the breast (14.5%), followed by cervix uteri (12.2%) and gallbladder (7.1%).


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