Boutell Ltd launches new loan matching software


STOCKPORT, England – (Boutell Ltd., a leading financial solutions broker, now offers a comprehensive short-term loan matching solution for people of all backgrounds. The financial services company has enhanced its breakthrough technology to help consumers find the right credit offering for their needs, based on their preferred term, amounts and affordability.

By partnering with leading lenders from across the UK, the Boutell brand is able to connect borrowers with the companies best suited to meet their credit needs. The brokerage service is also suitable for people with a bad credit history.

Boutell’s custom brokerage solution uses the latest technology to provide a quick and easy way to connect clients with direct lenders who are able to meet their needs and requirements.

Billy Brewin, CEO of Boutell Ltd said:

“We believe that everyone should be able to find the right credit products for them, regardless of their background. At Boutell Ltd, our newly implemented software allows us to instantly connect lenders and borrowers for an easier experience. We believe in using every aspect of our expertise in this industry to make it easier to find a loan. ”

Boutell Ltd promises its users an excellent and honest service, committed to making borrowing easier for everyone. Because the company maintains its lending partners to strict standards of fairness and compliance, it can provide a secure solution for borrowers in the digital landscape. “We do everything we can to ensure that every customer finds the service that suits them, without any unpleasant surprises.”

Boutell Ltd is a brokerage firm that connects specialist lenders with individuals from all environments, so anyone can get a loan without unnecessary headaches and endless online searches. The system is fast and simple, with only one online application to complete. After a customer has entered their details, the software automatically searches for a lender who can offer a loan.

“Whether our customers are looking for quick financing options for a car repair, or need something to make them successful, we are here to help. Finding and choosing a loan from Boutell Ltd couldn’t be easier, which is why so many of our clients trust us to take the loan away without any hassle. ”


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