Bōde signs deal with Trilogy as exclusive mortgage lender


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Online approval process speeds up the home buying process

CALGARY, Alberta — Bōde is the first in Canada to create a free, fully online one-stop home buying experience by partnering with Calgary-based Trilogy Mortgage Corporation.

Trilogy is the second largest mortgage lending company in the prairies, offering a variety of services including new mortgages, refinancing and mortgage renewals.

Trilogy’s new online application and approval process is fully integrated into Bōde’s website, enabling buyers to act quickly in Alberta’s hot real estate market.

While mortgage applications usually start online, the process often gets bogged down with countless phone calls and back and forth emailing of documents. Bōde and Trilogy have worked on a seamless and efficient application and approval process with a secure document management system.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this service to our buyers. Bōde now offers a true one-stop-home shopping experience – and all for free. With a mortgage approval from Trilogy, our buyers can get a property much faster, especially at a time like this when homes are selling quickly and there can be multiple offers on the table,” said Alan Kelly, Bōde’s Chief Revenue Officer.

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While the process is highly automated, customer support is available at any time if there are problems with a mortgage application.

“The mortgage acceptance process has never been very customer-friendly. It is an outdated process that was ripe for a modern solution that we are pioneering together with Bōde. Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers take out mortgages and we look forward to using our expertise to help Bōde customers with their home purchases,” said Sam Iaquinta, CEO of Trilogy.

Thanks to Trilogy’s relationships with all major lenders in Canada, buyers get both the online convenience and confidence of getting the best deal possible.

“I’ve never had a good experience with banks and given COVID, the banks said funding couldn’t and wouldn’t be done over the phone; I had to wait three weeks for a face-to-face meeting. Trilogy made it easy and effortless,” says Jeremy Fokkens, who has sold two homes with Bōde, both to unrepresented buyers.

With record low interest rates and low supply helping fuel Alberta’s hot real estate market, Bōde’s marketplace delivers fast sales with self-represented buyers saving time and money compared to the traditional process.

Kelly recommends that buyers apply for their mortgage early in the home shopping process. He says delaying your application could result in a missed opportunity.

“We make it easy for our buyers to secure their financing. Once approved, you can confidently make an attractive offer, with fewer terms than competing buyers who often wait too late or too long to get their mortgage,” Kelly says.

No one else in Canada has been able to offer a completely seamless home buying process where buyers can get their mortgage approved, book a viewing, make an offer and all the way to having a signed contract, all online for free. .

“Our buyers love the benefit of transparency, control and time savings when using Bōde, adding Trilogy mortgages is another example of our relentless pursuit of empowering homeowners,” Kelly says.

About Bodde:

Bōde is Alberta’s premier real estate marketplace and a smarter way to buy and sell a home. Bōde rediscovers real estate with an intuitive, universal platform that gives anyone with the forefinger the power to determine their real estate destiny. Bōde is completely free for buyers – when someone buys with Bōde, there is no commission charged to the buyer or seller.

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