Best Covid 19 Health Insurance Plans in India



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Covid 19 in India is spreading like wildfire in India and India is the only nation to report more than 3 lakh cases in a day. Now, if you’re not a salaried class or don’t have comprehensive employer health insurance, you certainly can’t do without health coverage at such a serious hour.

Here we will discuss some of the best Covid 19 health insurance plans in India:

In the current scenario, when corona cases in the country have reached such an alarming number and this coronavirus would now be through the air, one can contract the deadly virus despite caution and although mild conditions can be treated at home, in severe infection one cannot do without medical help. So in the event of such emergencies, here are some of the best coronavirus insurance plans that can help you:

What is corona health insurance?

This is usually to cover pre-hospital, post-hospital and post-hospital costs, along with other medical costs due to Covid 19. For coverage, health insurance will cover costs from day 1, i.e. when the patient tested positive. Importantly, this condition does not fall into the pre-existing category.

Best Coronavirus Health Plan

Among the various health insurance plans, to reduce the hassle of selecting health insurance, IRDAI recently highlighted the launch of standardized insurance products. You can certainly go to this product for full coverage, also for the treatment against corona.

Another option is also to buy the recently launched Corona Kavach or Corona Rakshak policy:

1. Corona Kavach Policy: COVID-19 Insurance

The indeminty-based health insurance is a single premium health insurance policy. The plan expanded coverage for the entire family for treatment against the coronavirus. The period of cover is 3.5 months, 6.5 months and 9.5 months and self, dependents, parents and in-laws can be covered under the policy.
The waiting time here is 15 days, so you will start to reap the benefits soon. In addition, you can also receive a daily benefit against payment of an additional premium.

2. Corona Rakshak Policy: COVID-19 Insurance:

This is a benefit-based policy and in the event that the insured is detected with Covid 19, 100% of the insured value must be given. The insured amount is in the range of Rs. 50000- Rs. 2.5 lakh and in multiples of Rs. 50000

Best Covid 19 Health Insurance Plans in India

Eligibility: A person between the ages of 18 and 65 can purchase the policy. Here, in the event that the person is diagnosed with Covid 19 in a government approved center and also hospitalized for 72 hours, the benefits under the policy can be used. Since it’s a benefits-based plan, it’s also not renewable for life.
Now, if you have decoded which Covid 19 or standard health plan to pick up as a last resort based on your need, as suggested in the General Insurance Buying Guideline, you should check the Claims Settlement Rate and base it on:

5 Best Corona Kavach Health Insurance Plans

health insurer Claims settlement ratio (2018-19)
Iffco Tokyo 96.57%
Magma HDI 96.41%
New India Insurance 95.92%
oriental insurance 94.28%
Bajaj Allianz 93.68%

5 Best Corona Rakshak Health Insurance Plans

health insurer Claims settlement ratio (2018-19)
Iffco Tokyo 96.57%
oriental insurance 94.28%
Manipal Cigna 89.5%
Future General 87.68%
Navi (DHFL) Health Insurance 84.31%

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