2021 NFL Draft: LA Chargers got a bargain with Asante Samuel Jr.


2021 NFL Draft: LA Chargers got a bargain with Asante Samuel Jr.

Asante Samuel Jr. will be the first FSU cornerback drafted since Marquez White in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The former Nole slipped to the LA Chargers in the second round with the No. 47 overall pick. Asante Samuel Jr. joins the former Nole Derwin James in the secondary.

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Asante Samuel Jr. was the No. 4 cornerback in most pre-draft rankings, and I thought he had a good chance of going for the second round when two cornerbacks came off the board early in the draft.

However, several cornerbacks came off the board for him, with most teams likely to back down due to his lack of size.

That was a big mistake, and the LA Chargers got an absolute bargain in the second round.

ASANTE‼ ️@ mariekederksen3 | #BoltUp pic.twitter.com/LRoqunO1yI

– Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) May 1, 2021

Asante Samuel Jr. ticks every box you’d like in an instant NFL-level starter. His father played in the league for eleven seasons and Asante Samuel Jr. understands many of the intricacies lost on most of the larger defensive backs.

He has excellent instincts and short-range outbursts while playing bigger than him in the run game and has a dawg mentality.

Asante Samuel Jr. can play head-to-head or zone coverage. He will probably play the nickel position, but I think he can also play outside at times.

The only time he struggles is when he’s faced with huge wide receivers, but he still has a lot of success in those situations.

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The good news is that he is joining the defense of a Charger who is already in the top half of passing defenses in the NFL. One negative to their passing defense is that they allowed 29 passing touchdowns in 2020.

Asante Samuel Jr. is a player in the red zone who could help with his ability to provide cover in tight spaces. If he can avoid being knocked out against bigger receivers, he must factor in as a rookie to the Chargers.

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